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Dispute Ended at Dublin Airport

The recent dispute at Dublin Airport has ended. The dispute centred around the removal of 70 Taxi Spaces in the over flow area. Talks regarding these spaces with a view to finding a more permanent solution had been ongoing, however the DAA moved in on Monday night at 2am and removed the spaces. A meeting had been scheduled with the rep groups for Friday but the DAA chose to ignore talks and remove the spaces.

Taxis arriving at the Airport on Tuesday to offer there services were subsequently Locked Out and found themselves queueing on the road and were fined by Gardai.As a result their colleagues in the Holding Area chose to support Drivers and withdrew their services. Several slow moving convoys were then organised for drive throughs in the airport, and Mediation through a third party was then offered, and drivers accepted this offer unanimously. After 13 hours of talks a break through was found and a deal was put to Airport Drivers which was accepted unanimously. The spaces were immediatately returned and negotiations over a two week period to find a more permanent solution will begin on Monday Morning.

This deal has been signed by both parties and drivers will be kept informed of the talks and their content. Drivers requested all five groups stand together to resolve this situation in the best interests of their Members. It is worth noting that Drivers recently forked out over 640.000 to Airport Authorities for the privellege of picking up fares at the Airport, It is also worth noting that many of the car parks at the Hangars and indeed the Car Hire spaces remain empty. Drivers requested the Five groups stand together and show a unified front to the DAA.

This was the case and the drivers got a result. With unity there is strength. We will keep you informed on this matter.

Thank you
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