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Dublin Airport News and Meetings

Issue 1
The DAA are looking for ways to inform drivers of last flight times and a way of letting taxis know when there is a shortage of taxis when ranks are busy, TTnH QUESTION "Is there any further updates on this"? Ivor responds no update at this meeting however is looking at ways such as Facebook / Twitter and Viber was recommended that has an app for group texts. We will bring this matter up again at next DAA Meeting.

Issue 2
Any Updates on taxis illegally picking up on terminal 2. Ivor states that he has sent letters to local companies in regard to illegal pick-ups quoting the airport bye laws. A Copy of this letter will be given to all representative bodies.

New Issues brought to our attention by members that were raised with the DAA today.

Permit renewals
Members inform us that there seems to be a lot of new drivers working in the airport This seems to be more common after permit renewals. Can the DAA Specify has any new permits been given out ? The DAA responds: No new permits have been given out and there are 1550 drivers currently licensed to work the Airport Rank.

Response times for issues that are sent in writing to the DAA. We in TTnH believe that the current 10 working day response time is far too long Taking into account weekends etc. almost 3 weeks could have passed leaving us the representative with no answers for our members issues or concerns and members feel nothing is been done. TTnH suggest to DAA, That an acknowledgment be sent out with a reference number this way within 3 days, this way we the representative can inform our members there case is been dealt with and will be followed up until closure, DAA Response: This will be raised with Shannon in regard of reference numbers and will be further discussed at next Taxi/DAA Meeting.

Members inform us certain drivers when entering the overflow car park especially late at night drive up to the tag scan then reverse back out with no regard to drivers who are following the correct procedure by going the whole way around the overflow and are already in there. TTnH raised this issue with the DAA and asked is it possible that the tag scan be moved further into the overflow as this would eliminate this practice continuing. The DAA Response was that the tag scan correctly positioned and will not be moved all drivers are aware that the tag beeps on entry to the overflow and are also aware that they must continue the whole way around. If it is a case that any driver is not going the correct route if reported to the DAA that driver will have action taken against them.

It has been brought to our attention that the road surface between lane 0 to lane 3 in the taxi holding area Kesh is in very poor condition and covered in potholes also is a risk for drivers walking from their vehicles to the toilets or canteen when parked in these lanes. The response from the DAA to this concern is they will have it looked at and have it repaired.

Members have told us that the ramp entering the overflow is to severe and should be lowered. I have raised this issue with the DAA. The response was it has been checked by an engineer and they have the report. They also believe that if taxis come over the ramp at the appropriate speed there will be no issue. This will be looked into further by T.T.n.H for next meeting.

Finally in relation to any proposed changes to the 2013 permit renewal year when will discussions begin with the DAA and The Representative bodies when these talks will begin?
The DAA response is July 2012.

Minutes Recorded by TTnH Airport Rep; Michael Barrett.
If you wish to comment or indeed raise issues with the DAA, Please Contact Us at;

Thank you TTnH
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